The most important bike race in July is heading into the 2nd week, and you’re just dying to hear about the drama, the storylines, the ultra-important factors that will go into fake racing this week.

Here’s what to look for:

Man City: A healthy lead in league standings, with big scoring from Frank (+7), Sean (+8) and WhamWham with a staggering +9. With a lot of those points coming from PRs, which get progressively harder to come by, it remains to be seen whether Man City can pull out another big day of points. They’re also looking for about a second in the team GC competition.

Liverpool: A surprise 2nd place with the strong showing from Semileth on the Tandem, who wont be back this week. Will the return of Glen from the U.P. be enough to keep them in the Premiere league for a 2nd week? Will David B. return from Europe?

Chelsea: Barely in the Premiere league by just two points over Man U & Arsenal, Chelsea has a lot of question marks in week 2. Will PotoKing make a return? Will MongoJohn complete his first Nachoride without a flat tire? Look for Danny to go after primes in the hunt for the Zabel.

Arsenal: With Matt D. out resting for an Iron Man, and Harvey is a fucking mystery, Craig & Dr. John will have to actually have to start on time if Arsenal wants a chance of getting out of the EFL this week. Sam will have extra motivation at Wagner as a first overall by an EFL team is worth 2 bonus points.

Man U: With the likely return of Andy, Man U was looking to make a comeback but Brad is out on the IR for the rest of the season with a broken angel wing. Cute, yes, but it doesn’t do Man U any good in the standings. The rest of the roster has yet to show up so they’ll likely rely on Alternates again this week.

Wind: likely a solid tailwind will negate a lot of the draft. That will tilt the advantage towards the stronger legs for the overall, but the smart riders will be going after those big PR points.

GET ON A TEAM: if you wanna fake-race and don’t want to be an alternate shoot an email to and we’ll put you on a team.