Nacho Champions League

It looks like a generally positive response to the NPL, with one dissenting “fuck off” coming from Washington so, you know, Huy. You think we can’t look up an IP address? Listen, Huy, just because the gravel fields are so weak in Washington that you can cruise to a bunch of wins doesn’t mean you have to shit on NPL.

NCL TEAMS: The big Premiere League teams are back mostly in tact with a few transfers here and there; but watch out for Hoffenheim and Young Boys which enter for the Champions League with strong unsigned riders from the NPL.


  • Stephen (C)
  • Old Jay (A)
  • Lucas
  • Jeff Columbia
  • Brian
  • Craig
  • Khao

Man City

  • Sean (C)
  • Rich (A)
  • Frank
  • Sliney
  • PotoKing
  • Doug B
  • Cameron


  • Danny (C)
  • Seth (A)
  • Matt D
  • Mongo John
  • Andrew
  • The Furey
  • David B


  • Ron V (C)
  • Al (A)
  • Jeff AC
  • ZMan
  • John B
  • Steve P
  • Brad (IR)

Young Boys

  • Glen (C)
  • Sam (A)
  • Troy
  • Adam J
  • Wham Wham
  • Craig
  • Dr. John


  • League points are separate from game points. Some things (primes) matter for weekly game points and league points.
  • There is only one league, the Champions League.
  • Game points have been increased to balance out PR points a little better.
  • Overall Wagner Win bonus greatly increased because this is fake racing.
Game Champions League
1st 12
2nd 8
3rd 6
Primes 2
PR Fletcher 1
PR Parker 1
PR Zeeb 1
Wagner Win 5
Best of the Rest 1
Not Last 1  

Team Classifications

  • Total Points
  • Most Weeks in Premiere League
  • The Zabel
  • GC (lowest average time for all riders, all runs of the SGMGR segment)

Individual Classifications

  • Beef: Overall lowest average SGMGR segment
  • Jalapeño: Most PR points
  • Cheese: Most Primes


  • August 9th: Classique  (score = place, minus primes, lowest wins)
  • August 16th: 1 & 3 (first and third rider count, minus primes)
  • August 23rd: Gaps top ten reverse place order (10, 9, 8…) Plus 1 pt. per second over next rider from other team. plus primes.
  • August 30th: Team Pursuit