March 28th: Go to town, yeah is off to a great start. The second week was muddy and cold but Glen showed up in a slightly less enormous but still solidly huge jacket along with about 30 other folks. Even Khao made the start! Also, heavy consideration was given to just leaving this Doja Cat video up all season. Honestly, with the posting of Go to Town, we’ve peaked.

We avoided the Nature Cut again this week due to mud and ruts, unfortunately the entire ride was mud and ruts. Who knew. Jay and Danny disappeared for some mud wrestlin’ on their own and showed up about an hour later with wry grins. We’re not making any assumptions, but they definitely fucked.

This week saw another surprise entry onto waters, not to be confused with the “surprise entry” from the previous paragraph. With a few newbies on the ride, the waters turn caught most folks by surprise. Luckily it rolled up to speed steadily and the group stayed together until Fletcher.

Sean took a turn on the front, then Glen, and Andy “what, I thought you lived in Traverse City Now” Weir, and Ian. Every now and then we’d catch a glimpse of a fluo lazer helmet and Knuck Tats. Oh crap, KNUCK TATS IS HERE.

The falsest of flats was hard, as always, and there he was… Knuck tats. Still there. Glen started his sprint for the Wagner sign in southwest Kentucky. We’re not even sure Glen knows where the sign is at this point. Knuck Tats cranked up the speed with Ian on his wheel who sprinted around Knuck Tats for the sign… but as a newb didn’t know about Al’s “no-pedal from the back” move. Oops.

Will next week be the first, actually, really nice Nacho? MAYBE! Probably not. Whatever. Come anyway.