April 25th: Sean is Dead to Us

Sean is gonna be Dr. Sean shortly, and as such, is dead to us. As his last NachoRide, he wanted to go out hard. Unfortunately, he went hard too soon, and couldn’t keep it up until the finish? Really? That joke? C’mon.

It didn’t seem like there was enough crosswind for proper guttering on Waters, but that never stopped anyone. Much like that terrible joke up there, the group went straight into the gutter after the turn. As “dude go around me” was heard, a small gap opened and Sam, Sean and Al started working together. With Danny left in the group, ready to not do any work ever cuz Danny, it looked like that might be the move. Then Al slammed into a giant hole and dropped his chain, like an asshole.

A bit of chaos ensued, with the crosswinds on the open bit of the Parker section splitting the group into three. Through the rollers the groups stayed fairly compact, with the lead group content to ride tempo and avoid the gaping craters that is Waters rd. in April. In fact, they were lazy enough that Al and the rest of the 2nd group nearly caught them at the top of the falsest of Flats – but you know what they say, “nearly” only counts in horseshoes and hamsters. Or something.

Danny pulled a small gap over the top of the Zeeb hill and held it to the end, with the rest of the front group; Sam, Stephen, Cameron, Jay sprinting it out. Oh yeah, Sean sat up and got caught by Al on the line. C’mon Sean. No quitting on your quitting ride! Seth sprinted the 2nd group for best of the rest and everyone else finished up there… making this years team-setting for NPL pretty easy….

WHAT?!?! OH RIGHT – NPL Starts MAY 9th! We want to get one in before Danny takes off, because fuck that guy. It’s a little different this year (Nachoride = always learning) so details are clickable on this page… somewhere… internet!

April 4th: Jay loves Candy Ken

Michigan has been a real dick about Spring this year, postponing it indefinitely. Wednesday was cold with a chance of bullshit, but Jay, Ron, Dan & Jeff Colombia were so into this hott Candy Ken track they had to go ride a loop.

Maybe next week will be as hott as Mr. Ken.

Is Ken is last name? I dunno. It seems like a first name.