May Nachoz / NPL / Various / Bloodlungz / Bullshit

What the hell is going on? Is there a May NPL? Where is the scoring? Who is running this shit show? Well, karma finally caught up to Al for subjecting you to these videos every week. As an obese, sedentary, smoker, his lungs filled up with blood, he spent the weekend in the ER, and will be off the bike for a few months. This is not a joke. Well, it’s funny, but it’s not a joke. That asshole had a pulmonary embolism; it’s an affliction that can only affect an active, healthy person if you really, really, piss off whatever force/luck you believe in, by, say, writing an entire nacho-post about Seth’s dick. He’s alive, but still coughing up blood here and there. He’s definitely not enjoying these 65-and-sunny Nachorides. Whatever. I’m sure he doesn’t care all that much.

Cool, nobody cares, what about my Nacho Points? Danny, NQNS-Stephen, Jay and some others will be helping keep score and get things updated. Word on the street is that JeffAC has a line on some hott automated scoring shit. So GAME ON… Man U might have to forfiet with their GC rider out and the Kanton Kittens making up their sprint squad and being suspiciously absent.

We’ll get this updated ASAP. In the meantime…

Enjoy your days in the sun. Get on the bike. Things can go sideways fast.