Twenty Ninteteen

This is 2019. is five. If Nachoride was a human baby it may have finally have stopped shitting its pants. Unfortunately weekly-rides tend to move in the opposite direction on the shitty-pants continuum. On this fifth anniversary of Nacho Classique it is important to remember the core ideals of, and why it’s grown into what it has:

  • Nachoride is as Nachoride does.
  • Slow, then fast, then Bulgogi Fries.
  • Nachoride is not a club ride.
  • Nachoride is not a public ride.
  • Nachoride is not a race.
  • There is no placing on Nachoride.
  • You cannot win Nachoride.
  • You can lose Nachoride.

Nachoride started as a small group of friends riding on Wednesdays and then drinking a lot of beer afterwards. It has grown into a large group of friends, and that is wonderful. However, a wise, very, very, fucking old man, once said, “just because we both ride bikes, doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

So, like, be cool or go kill some other ride.