Never go Kanye

“where do you find this stuff?”

Y’all, we’ve been stuck in the house for 15 months with nothing but Internet Rabbit holes and no to update. There’s a backlog. That said, this one is gonna be hard to follow. Holy shit. We have a real special one for next week to reset the meter.

Strava flybys are no more, so who knows

This is why we can’t have nice things. Dudes just can’t have a thing and not use it to creep-the-fuck-up on women. So Strava flipped flybys to off-by-default (rightfully) and a bunch of dudes were real pissed. Let’s be very clear: if you’re upset that they made it opt-in, then you are the reason they made it opt-in. No..nope..ah… I’ll stop you there… think about it. Really dig…. if you are upset they made it opt-in, then you are the reason they made it opt-in. Anyway, they didbecause of you – and now we have no idea what happened on if we weren’t there ourselves (which we weren’t).

All because dudes just couldn’t not use Strava to harass women.

Nacho is so punk it quits in the rain

Perhaps there was nacho in the rain; perhaps there wasn’t. This Tommy Cash video is JORKED* as the kids say.












*they absolutely don’t say JORKED, this is made up.

It’s all turnips n’ pirate blouses until


Whaddaweek Amiright? The reality is that if the write up doesn’t go up same-night nobody can remember a damn thing. Oh, right, I do remember PbJ&W putting 500w pulls… into Kyle. What’s that Merckx quote? “If you can’t ride around them, ride through them?” It sounded better in Dutch. Anyhoo, Jornckx cannot be contained by your presence. TFotF is coming. Clear a fucking path.

Until that point it was Nacho ‘ 15 all over again. Elder Huy would be proudly spouting a plume of salty brine to see us now; 44kph average coming into TFotF. Nacho Classic meant knowing that you could bury it on the front and know that some fucking child wasn’t going to attack. With the departure of Double-DS Danny “the Dan,” there’s more trust up front. Oh, and Conner was spun-out at 25 on an MTB this week. Don’t get me wrong. He will attack.

Anyway, it was fast until it wasn’t. You know that old Girgory L’mond quote “It doesn’t get easier, unless you skip your pulls.” Or whatever.

Did y’all get my joke in the last post? I put two ‘n’s in “mann” cuz Connor’s last name has two ‘m’s at the end. HAHAHAAHAHA.