nananaKnock On Not Snowing

After six trillion years of snow, ice and hypothermia, 55 degrees and not-raining felt like a warm blanket of live otters. With daylight steadily increasing everyone can feel the season approaching. This last edition of pre-season was still on the shorter route but mixed in some attacking on Waters rd.

Well, mostly Danny mixed in the bullshit. He went early and often with everyone’s legs still thawing out from Barry-Roubaix on Saturday. Al chased and then Danny made him do all of the work. Classic Huy move, except less sweaty. Cat & Sarah were on their first and QOM’d everything… in fact Sarah made a solid attempt to unseat Huy’s overall KOM on the final Waters sprint segment – proving once and for all that gender does not determine one’s ability to ride irresponsibly fast, over potholes, into oncoming traffic, in the dark.

HOMES doesn’t open for two more weeks so we drank our dinner.