All things must eventually nacho

You’re sick and/or tired of it all

So get you Las fuckin’ Nenas and enjoy a nachoride on Wednesdays. If you’re vaccinated of course. That said, if you’re the kinda shitwhistle who isn’t at this point you were likely shamed out of this roll years ago anyhoo. All that is to say – you’ve earned this. David’s voice is heard again, bellowing across the cornfields of southeast Michigan, complaining that the videos don’t autoplay on his large-print phone (you have to change your browser settings to allow autoplay, or come here the week after).

Nacho Classic

A return to normalcy. and how. In 2015 we rode slow, then fast, then Nachos. There were no games, no points, no Premiere League, no teams, no sweaty scrunchies. It’s 100% chill until Waters rd. Then, it’s 100% whatever you want for about 10 miles, straight back into Ann Arbor. Smooth. Fast. Take a pull. Sit in. Drop off. Hold on for one more stop sign than last week. Push your friends to improve. Co-operative competitiveness. This is what the world needs, and this is what Nacho can provide. That and a slow start to your Thursday.

A note about danger:
A certain person, we’ll call him Blurt has made it his personal mission to tell everyone that Nachoride is dangerous… which is dumb, and wrong. We know why he’s saying this, but we’re not the kinda folks to call someone out for projecting his own insecurities on others. Or are we? Or did we just? Point is; come on nacho. Introduce yourself. Nacho is for all speeds. Nacho gives it for Pros and baggy-shorts alike. Nacho will take you under its wing. Nacho will include you. Nacho will help you set and achieve a goal. Nacho will shit down your throat if you hinder anyone else from any of the above. Such is the way.

Is this a fucking ad for Nacho?

We had the best time last week. We want more. Where were the Kanton Kittenz? Who was NQNS Stephen? How do you get a nickname? Fuck man, we’re just doing this so David B. Bonnthener can hear some music made after 1922.

May 19th

Route is pushed to 40 miles… oh how we miss the nature cut, will go slow, then fast, then we’ll have bulgogi.